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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance in Lubbock

One of our most important goals at Your Web Pro is to make our services affordable to you, whether your budget is big or small. With our monthly maintenance plan, you pay a flat rate each month, and we take care of whatever changes you would like made. Whether you need an hour of work on your website or more, the fee remains the same on our maintenance plan. The monthly maintenance plan eliminates giant bills and wishing you could afford to update your website in Lubbock.

What We Will Do:

  • Add or remove content from pages on your website
  • Add or remove products from your online store
  • Add or remove images from your website
  • CMS core and plugin updates
  • Website testing and monitoring
  • Next business day turnaround on most updates
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee

How It Works:

At Your Web Pro, we do not believe in over-complicating things. The process for our monthly maintenance program is simple: You tell us who is authorized to make changes, and when you need them made, send over the information. Monthly maintenance work goes into a special class in our project management software. After the work is completed, we will let you know. There are no hourly bills or unexpected charges for maintenace work. Additionally, we will also monitor and proactively update your website to keep it as safe and functional as possible.

By the Numbers

It is statistically proven that well-maintained websites perform better than those that are not. Search engines and site visitors prefer a website that changes often. While some more technologically-savvy people prefer to do their own updating, we know that not everyone is comfortable with that. That’s why we have our website maintenance plan in Lubbock! We want your website to rank well on search engine result pages and see your business grow. An old, outdated website will not do that. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance plan and to get the most out of your Lubbock online marketing.

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